• What are the dates of camp for this summer?
    The 2018 camp season will run from June 25th to August 17th. 
  • Does my child have to register for the full 8 week program?
    We offer a variety of enrollment options. You can register for any 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or all 8 weeks.
  • Will my child learn how to swim?
    All campers, including non-swimmers, participate in a daily Red Cross Learn To Swim Program. Although there’s no guarantee, most non-swimmers do learn basic swim skills at Mount Tom.
  • My children are very picky eaters. Will there be options available for them?
    Our lunch menu features a daily hot entrée along with a variety of alternatives such as sandwiches, salads and bagels. Our Dietary Needs Coordinator will work with you and your children to ensure that they are eating. We’re able to satisfy even the pickiest eaters! 
  • What does a typical day at Mount Tom look like?
    A typical day consists of approximately eight activities including two swims (one instructional and one recreational), a blend of athletic and cultural activities and lunch. Most days have a "special event" as well.
  • What staff members will be working with my child this summer?
    Each group of campers has a Group Leader, who is a professional educator, along with four to six counselors (depending on the age of the campers). In addition, your child will be supported by activity specialists, many of whom are also professional educators, leading programs such as arts & crafts, tennis, swimming and challenge.
  • What does your rainy day program look like?
    Rainy days are fun at Mount Tom! We utilize a specially designed schedule (led by our wonderfully creative specialists) that features participation in theater, cooperative games, nature, dance, music, storytelling, traditional camp games and more.
  • My child will be 3 at the beginning of camp. Do we have a choice of a full or a half day program?
    If your child is 3 to 5 years old at the beginning of camp, you have the choice of enrolling in our full day (9AM - 4PM), mini day (9AM-2PM) or half day (8:30AM - 12:30PM) program.
  • How are campers grouped at Mount Tom?
    Campers are grouped by grade and date of birth. Nursery and Kindergarten groups are co-ed. All groups for children entering first grade and older are single sex. The Seniors (ages 12-14) are also co-ed.
  • Can my child be in the same group as a friend or neighbor?
    We can usually accommodate if the children are around the same age. Requests for children to be grouped together can be written on the application form.
  • How competitive is your sports program?
    Our focus is on developing skills and confidence rather than "winning the game." Emphasis is on sportsmanship and team building.
  • How do I communicate with the camp?
    Directors and administrators are on-site every day of the camp season. They can be reached at any time during the camp day.
  • Can I visit camp this summer?
    Yes, we have an open door policy and there are special parent visiting days highlighted on our special events calendar. Please remember to enter only through the main office, sign in and get a visitors pass.
  • Is bus service included in the fee?
    Yes, except for Manhattan and Brooklyn where there is an additional fee of $25 per week.
  • When do I have to register to guarantee enrollment for this coming summer?
    Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  With a down payment of $600 per child, you can hold a spot in the group and on the bus.