Job Descriptions

Approximately 180 talented, creative and committed individuals work together to provide the most challenging, interesting and enjoyable summer for our campers. The team is comprised of people with decades of camp experience as well as some who have never worked at camp before. There are staff who work and play directly with the campers, as well as those who coordinate transportation, oversee administrative services, order, prepare and serve meals and snacks, ensure safety in the parking lot, help keep our grounds clean, design, develop and implement swim instruction, plan outings, interview and hire staff, and much, much more. Teamwork is the key factor in running a successful camp program.

Understanding YOUR job and how it relates to the "big picture" is a must in order for you to be successful here. Listed below are some brief job descriptions for key camp positions.

Group Leaders
Every group at camp has a group leader who is responsible for making sure all goals and objectives are met for campers. Group leaders are teachers, social workers or other types of educators with many years of experience working with children in group settings. Most have extensive camp experience and understand this unique culture. Group leaders are also responsible for supporting and supervising counselors, CITs and volunteers assigned to their groups. They evaluate (in writing) all staff working for them at the end of the summer and submit their recommendations to the directors for future placement.

Most of Mount Tom's activities are led by specialists. These experienced educators design, develop and implement all aspects of their programs. Unlike group leaders, specialists work with all age groups during the course of the day. At Mount Tom, specialists lead the following programs: circus arts, STEM, cooking, tennis, arts & crafts, music, dance, challenge course, nature, archery, soccer, volleyball, basketball and t-shirt art. Specialists support, supervise and evaluate their assistants.

Certified lifeguards are responsible for helping all campers learn new swim skills, enhance existing ones and remain safe in all aspects of the waterfront program. Lifeguards are supervised, supported and evaluated by the Waterfront Director and his/her assistants.

The majority of staff at Mount Tom serve as counselors. Counselors work directly with our campers to help them learn new skills, make and maintain friendships, learn the rules of camp and encourage children to take on new challenges. There are usually three to five counselors assigned to each camp group. Counselors are supported, supervised and evaluated by group leaders.

Activity Assistants
Activity assistants help specialists organize and teach their various programs. Assistants have the opportunity to work with all age groups throughout the camp season but have a very focused task. As an example, an assistant will be assigned to teach t-shirt art and will spend the entire day working with that activity.