The Mount Tom Difference

THE MOUNT TOM DIFFERENCE makes us unique in our ability to help children become more confident and well-rounded. The key ingredient is our staff model.
Our Staff Model
Each group is led by an experienced, professional educator who spends the entire camp day with your children. This is different from most camp models where an adult oversees multiple groups of campers.
Child Development
Our staff model ensures campers are better able to build friendships, take healthy risks, overcome fears and increase self-esteem.
“Home Away From Home”
The centerpiece of our magnificent 10-acre facility is the former J.C. Leyendecker mansion which provides a safe and secure environment for campers of all ages. 
Situated on the Pelham Manor/New Rochelle border, we’re conveniently located to all areas of Lower Westchester, The Bronx and Manhattan. We are the closest private, suburban day camp to New York City. Only 17 miles from Midtown, we provide a short, safe commute with no heavily trafficked Hudson River crossings.
Parent Communication
A strong partnership with parents is key to a child’s successful camp experience.  Our three directors and team of administrators are always available to speak with parents.  In addition, Mount Tom has two administrators who focus solely on the needs of campers. They work directly with parents, camp administrators, group leaders and campers.
Early Childhood Specialists
Many of our teachers at Mount Tom Day School, Westchester’s premier early childhood program, serve as group leaders for our youngest campers.  Their expertise, combined with our age-appropriate facilities and programming, lead to a positive first camp experience.
Lifelong Connections
Two directors, Doug Volan and Stan Friedmann, grew up at Mount Tom. They started as young children and worked their way “up the ladder” as LITs, counselors, group leaders (Stan was Doug’s group leader!) and administrators. Their lasting positive memories inspire them to create the best program and environment for your children.

                                          Doug - 7 years old Stan - 11 years old                                    
My daughter started camp feeling unsure of many things and she is ending camp with more self-confidence than I have seen in a long time. - Parent of 6 year old (first year camper)