Outdoor Adventure

The "Challenge" is the perfect program for children to try new things, overcome fears and take healthy risks. They’re always supported by their peers, group staff and instructors.

  • Certified Staff
  • High Elements: Zip Line, High Rock Climbing Wall, "Flying Squirrel", Two Line Bridge, Grapevine, Vertical Playpen, “The Rock”
  • Low Elements: Mini Zip Line, Bouldering Wall, Spider Web, Fidget Ladder, Islands, Team Skis, Port Hole, From Here to There, Tension/Tandem Traverse
  • Cooperative and trust games

Both my 6 yo and 8 yo daughters conquered their fears at Mount Tom on the challenge course, such as the zip line and the climbing wall. What’s greatly appreciated is that they were encouraged but never pushed to do things and were able to muster the confidence and master the skill when they were ready. - Parent of 6 and 8 year old (third year campers)